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Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart- Review

Name: Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition
Release Date: 27 January 2012
Developer: Vast Studios



 HD for iPad

Not many sequels managed live up their prequels, luckily this third installment of one of the greatest HOG series did a great great job! The story has a lot of connections between the story of the first two so if you want to discover more about Christine, Viggo and Vlad family, then i recommend you to go and play the first two first. It involves many characters, not just one or two but almost 5 main characters! This is surely the best game from Vast Studios to date, with gorgeous graphics, more crisp than Vast's standard, however, they're also fuzzy at some spots. HOG scenes involve many interactions, most of them are open the box to get an object, which is still quite nice. Puzzles are fun, many are easy but some are hard, some are really unique as well. Sound quality are very high, music are suitable while voice overs are really well done! Finally, the game doesn't really provide you anything new, but it's still a solid, grabbing and highly entertaining Hidden Object Adventure game!


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