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Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story - Review

Name: Fear For Sale: SunnyVale Story Collector's Edition
Release Date: 09 December 2011
Developer: Elefun Games



I found the first Fear For Sale (Mystery of the McInroy Manor) quite boring so i was surprised that i found this one really enjoyable! Story is not totally unique but it's not too repetitive either, while graphics are really crisp and animations are extremely well done. All characters are full voiced, and what really satisfied me is that they're really human-like with postures and emotions! HOG Scenes are quite easy, with interactions which are mostly cool... Puzzles are very simple, not unique but still playable and fun. There're many backtracking in this game, we could call it TOO MUCH, you have to often travel from the first scene to the latest scene just to collect one object or play HOG scene! Fear For Sale 2 should impressed fans of the genre, try it even you didn't like the first one!


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