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Exorcist II - Review

Name: Exorcist II
Release Date: 20 December 2011
Developer: Intenium


I didn't bother trying the first Exorcist when it came out year ago but this second one seems pretty decent. Graphics appealed me, very crisp and clear so items in HOG scenes are also very clear and fairly easy to spot. While animations are also very standard but still not the worst we've seen. Story is also pretty simple with few twists in it, mysteries are cleverly revealed once you go through the game. The biggest downside in this game is frustration, the game could be frustrating and head knocking confusing sometimes due to lack of clues on what to do next, although you could still use the helpful Hint button to find out where to go next, but that's not the point of playing Adventure games isn't it? I also found music quite irritating with some ridiculous sound effects (that should be scary). Overall, this sequel of Exorcist is not the best SE Hidden Object game you could get this day but it's not the worst either.


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