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2 Tasty Too: l'Amour à Paris - Review

Name: 2 Tasty Too: l'Amour à Paris
Release Date: 17 January 2012
Developer: Maximize Games


As i can remember, i didn't get my self to finish the first 2 Tasty. However, this one is different! Graphics are great, better than before, they're colorful and charming while music are also relaxing and suit the game. The gameplay is basically a blend of TM and HOG, finding ingredients to cook up menus within the time given and receive money. Items in this game are small though, some might find it a bit hard to find but they're quite clear. Story in this sequel is also a lot better than the first one, it's intriguing while an additional of voice overs during cut scenes would be a blast (there're cut scenes at the end of EVERY levels). Every 5 levels, there will be a mini game for you to enjoy, although they're quite simple but still entertaining! Items and upgrades in the store are a bit too overprice, very hard to collect money and purchase them. All in all, 2 Tasty Too is a huge jump from the first one, impressive sequel!



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