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The Last Dream - Preview

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 /

From Specialbit, the developer behind the original Haunted Hotel, Sonya and Inbetween Land!

Every night your beloved wife Elizabeth, who died in a car accident, comes to you in your dreams. She seems to be calling for you - why? One morning you find a strange clue from your dream which sets you on to a path full of adventure and intrigue – the path to your wife? Your reality is now mixed with your dreams as you battle with unimaginable invisible forces that are trying to stop you meeting with Elizabeth. Undeterred, you pursue her ghost, discovering new clues in a variety of locations as well as meeting a fluffy feline who will help you on your way. Is this reality or a dream? Whatever it is, you know you have no choice – after all, you love your wife and are ready to do anything to save her…

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror - Review


From ERS-G, comes another installment in the yet-to-retired Shadow Wolf Mysteries franchise. Maybe it is because Tracks of Terror is already the fifth game into this werewolf saga, or maybe it is because werewolves were being used constantly in HOPA games - we found Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror to be neither interesting, nor terrifying.

Affordable Gifts For Gamers

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 /

Video games are one of the most beloved pastimes, and with technological advances, games are more immersive than ever. Unfortunately, they're also more expensive than ever. It’s difficult to find gifts for gamers at a reasonable price. Here are a few that won't break the bank.

Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece - Review

Sunday, July 26, 2015 /

In Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece, you play as an artist whose wife and daughter have been kidnapped into your very own painting. Subliminal Realms has you jumping in and out of various painting worlds, interacting with imaginary characters and fantasy creatures - all the while trying to rescue your loved ones from the hands of the villain.

Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy - Preview

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 /

The contact to Winterpoint Tragedy is lost and there are people missing! As a Mystery Trackers agent, you need to make your way through snowy and eerie territories and find out the reason for this tragedy.

Spirits of Mystery: Chains of Promise - Preview


The evil Isa is trying to sabotage Princess Adele's wedding and conquer the kingdom! Help your best friend in this exciting adventure by ERS Game Studios.

Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville - Review

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 /

The first Phantasmat game was an instant classic, ERS-G kind of ruined the second one and then Eipix is back on the rescue with the third one. Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville is the fourth Phantasmat installment, the second developed by Eipix and it turned out to be quite impressive.